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Video: Scientists reconstruct face of mysterious pregnant Egyptian mummy

The first reconstruction of the face of a pregnant Egyptian mummy, whose mummification dates back more than 2,000 years, has been documented in video footage.

The mummy was known as the “mysterious lady”.

The video was produced by Italian forensic anthropologist and member of the Warsaw Mummy Project, Chantal Milani, in which she revealed the stages of her work on reconstructing the face of the mysterious pregnant mummy.

Forensic pathologists worked on the facial reconstruction, using CT scans and X-rays, and ended up with two different interpretations of the woman’s appearance.

The young woman with dark skin and brown eyes can be observed looking straight ahead at both visualizations.

According to Egyptian media, the facial reconstructions provided more information about the woman, whose identity is still unknown to archaeologists.

The mummy puzzled archaeologists for years, who continued searching for clues about her true identity, according to the Live Science website.

Archaeologists believe that the woman died about 2,000 years ago when she was 28 weeks pregnant, was probably between 20 and 30 years old, and lived in the first century BC.

Last year, Polish researchers released a study on the mummy, and called her the “mysterious lady” due to the lack of information about her.

The mummy was found in the early 19th century inside a sealed sarcophagus belonging to a male priest, and was donated to the University of Warsaw in 1826.

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