Washington reviews its Middle East policy

Egyptian TV’s website on Monday reported that US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs Jacob Walles said he informed Essam al-Erian, Deputy Chief of the Freedom and Justice Party, that the US administration has reviewed some former policies relating to the Middle East.

However, he didn’t clarify what policies were reviewed, whether they concerned the Muslim Brotherhood or the Arab region in general.

Erian on Monday met with Walles and Peter Shea, second secretary at the US Embassy’s economic and political office in Cairo, on Monday, said State TV.

Walles spoke on behalf of the US administration, saying, “We respect the will of the Arab people to establish democratic regimes.” According to State TV, Walles stressed the necessity of protecting civil rights, minorities and women.

Meanwhile, Erian expressed hope that the US administration would respect Egypt’s will in establishing a democratic Arab regime inspired by Arab and Islamic culture, including its religious values, and welcome a new democratic model to the world.

He also called on the US to accept whatever Egyptian voters decide. Democracy means peace, stability, development and prosperity in the region, which benefits the whole world, he said.

Erian highlighted Washington’s role in the region and the world as a whole. He expressed hope that the US would start listening to the Arab peoples.

Meanwhile, privately owned daily Al-Shorouk quoted Notre Dame University Political Science Professor Emad Shahin on its website as saying that the meeting represented improved relations between the Muslim Brotherhood and the US.

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