Website launched for Egyptian community in US to donate to Hayah Karima initiative

A website for the Egyptian community in the US was created under the presidential initiative “Hayah Karima” to facilitate donations by Egyptian expatriates in the US.

The step comes under the protocol signed between the Ministry of Immigration, and the Coptic Orthodox Church represented by the Episcope of Public, Social and Ecumenical Services and the Hayah Karima Foundation to facilitate donations from Egyptian expatriates for the development of rural villages.

Immigration Minister Nabila Makram said that protocol that was signed came upon the desire of Egyptian expatriates to contribute and participate in the development process taking place in Egypt, as a show of their loyalty towards their motherland.

Makram announced that the “Care 4 Needy Copts Foundation” in New York is one of the charitable institutions that launched this website for donations.

She called on Egyptians in the US to contribute to the presidential initiative, adding that many events will be launched for all Egyptian communities abroad to promote the initiative and facilitate their participation and contribution to it.

Makram expressed her happiness at signing the tripartite protocol with the Egyptian Church and the Hayah Karima Foundation, and hailed it as an important new step for the integration of Egyptian expatriates in the development efforts taking place to improve quality of life in Egypt.

The cooperation protocol comes out of the belief of the three parties in the importance of supporting the Hayah Karima initiative, which aims to improve the quality of life of citizens and poor families, while at the same time helping the efforts of the Egyptian government to achieve and localize the sustainable development goals of “Egypt Vision 2030”.

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