White House: Delegation from Congress visiting Egypt not representing Obama

Senator Graham and Senator McCain, who are currently visiting Egypt, represent themselves, the Senate, and the US Congress, White House spokesperson Jay Carney has said. The senators are not mediators sent by President Barack Obama or the US administration.
“Well, I don’t know that they’re there as mediators.  I think they’re there representing the United States Congress, the United States Senate. They’re two leaders in the Senate on matters of foreign policy for the Republican Party in particular, but they have certainly been in conversation with the President and others on the President’s national security team,” the spokesperson said in a press conference on Monday.
He added, “Deputy Secretary Burns is representing the administration in Cairo, as I speak, and has been for several days, and has on his prior visits there.  Senators Graham and McCain are representing themselves, obviously, the US Senate, the US Congress.  But we are all focused together on the very volatile situation in Egypt. And there is no question that we consult regularly with members of Congress, especially those members like Senators Graham and McCain who have a particularly keen interest in the country and the region. “
Several American and international politicians are currently visiting Egypt. Press reports have said that foreign politicians are mediating between the Egyptian administration and the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood. 

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