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WHO announces that four coronavirus vaccine experiments begin

The World Health Organization (WHO) on Sunday announced that medical experiments on four coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines are underway.

These tests are being performed to ensure the vaccine’s effectiveness in curing the disease, the WHO explained, adding that global medical establishments must participate in these experiments.

Thus far a vaccine against COVID-19 is still not ready.

The WHO has warned patients not to use random unauthorized drugs, due to the risk of dangerous side effects.

The AFP reported in February that scientists from across the world in countries such as the US and Australia have been hard at work to rapidly develop a vaccine utilizing the latest technologies.

Vaccines take years of development and involve lengthy animal testing and clinical human trials.

The AFP report added that several teams of experts are racing to develop one quicker, backed by an international coalition that aims to combat emerging diseases, and Australian scientists hope theirs could be ready in six months.

French scientists at the Pasteur Institute are modifying the measles vaccine to work against the coronavirus, but do not expect it to be ready for about 20 months, the AFP said.