Who should be the next president?

Speculation is swirling as Egypt prepares for the 2011 presidential election. While a number of prominent leaders including Amr Moussa and Mohamed ElBaradei have tentatively put their names out for consideration, no one has officially announced candidacy yet. Last week, Al-Masry Al-Youm took to the streets to find out what Egyptians had to say about who they want to be their next president.

Salama Taha, 33, hair dresser: “I will vote for Mohamed ElBaradei. Actually I do not know much about him except that he is the UN atomic energy chief, but what I really know is that this country needs change. This change will never happen if Gamal Mubarak becomes the president. It would be as if Hosni Mubarak is still ruling the country. I am against succession.”

Mohamed Mabrouk, 48, tour company owner: “I am not convinced with any candidates. But if I have to vote, I will choose Gamal Mubarak because of his age. I believe that young people have new vision for a brighter future rather than the same officials who have been in office forever.”

Adel Khalaf, 20, fruit vendor: “[I will vote for] ElBaradei because Gamal Mubarak has been recently acting like one of the people, but he cannot fool us. We know well that as soon as he takes office, everything will remain the same and he will not keep his promises.

Ahmed Halal, 30, hair dresser: “I think Amr Moussa is more capable than the other candidates because he was the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the current Secretary-General of the League of Arab States. Consequently, he will have a professional perspective on political matters.”

Mahmoud Hassan, 37, supermarket owner: “I think ElBaradei has gained a great experience through working and living abroad for a long time. His experience can be really beneficial for developing the deteriorating conditions of this country.”

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