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Wooden ceiling installed in Karnak Temple draws criticism

Images of a large wooden ceiling installed on top of the ancient columns of Karnak Temple in Luxor Governorate have led to some mocking criticism across social media.

The roofing process restores the temple to its original state, chief archaeologist at the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities in Egypt, Magdy Shaker assured.

He explained that this new roofing is important to protect the ancient columns of the Karnak Temple from the scorching rays of the sun and erosion that will harm the natural colors that decorate the columns.

Shaker noted the presence of windows in the middle of the hall that are higher than the ceiling, which he said existed in the past in order to allow sunlight to be cast on the columns.

The installation of the wooden ceiling for the time being works to protect the archaeological columns, whether from the sun or rain, he said.

However he noted that plexiglass panels are a better option as they allow for superior lighting and protection, in addition to being easy to clean without allowing small insects to live in the ceiling.

The use of a wooden ceiling gives the look of a stone layer, Shaker added, stressing the importance of preserving archaeological heritage specifically in high-temperature areas due to the variety of factors there that harm the artifacts, such as the searing heat.

The Supreme Council of Antiquities in Egypt earlier in July announced the completion of a project to develop visitor services at the Karnak Open Air Museum in Luxor Governorate.

The Secretary General of the Council of Antiquities Mostafa Waziri explained that the project included paving the museum’s floors with sandstone tiles befitting the archaeological area, providing the museum with a number of informative signs about the museum and its antiquities, placing wooden benches for visitors to rest, and adding rubbish bins.

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