Workers call for reopening factories closed after privatization

Dozens of workers launched a campaign to repoen Egyptian factories closed before the 25 January revolution as a result of privatization.

Workers from the Quicktel telephone factory staged an initial protest on Saturday, calling on Prime Minister Essam Sharaf to heed their demands.
Protesting in front of the factory in Masaraa, Helwan, the workers said it is equipped with modern equipment, and indeed only a decision to have it reopened is lacking.
They said the factory brought millions of pounds every year to the state before being liquidated by its new foreign investor.
They also said that half the laid-off workers were given only nominal jobs at the national telecommunications authority, but do not do serious work there. The rest were forced to take early retirement even though they are well-skilled and still young.
The workers said they will continue to protest until the factory is reopened, and claimed that there are 1000 more that should be also reopened.
Translated from the Arabic Edition

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