Writers Union calls for review of Egyptian-Israeli issues

The Egyptian Writers Union issued a statement Wednesday asking the ruling Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) to review issues regarding relations with Israel.

The union called for reviewing the killing of Egyptian prisoners-of-war in Israel – a possible reference to prisoners from the 1967 conflict – and pursuing compensation for past Israeli occupation of Egyptian land.

The union also called for reviewing agreements between the countries, such as the natural gas export deal and the Qualified Industrial Zones agreement.

Union President Mohamed Salmawy said he appreciates the SCAF's understanding of the people's anger over an Israeli border raid last week that resulted in the deaths of six Egyptian security and military personnel.

At the same time, Salmawy called on the SCAF and the cabinet to uphold the rights of Egypt and its martyrs and to respond to the Israeli aggression with any legal measures available.

The union statement also insisted that Israel officially apologize, without this precluding the pursuit of compensation for victims' families.

The Egyptian Foreign Ministry should also mobilize international public opinion to pressure Israel, which disregards all international and humanitarian norms and charters, according to the union.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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