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A year in review: Top 10 fashion statements of 2011

Worldwide, 2011 was a frenzied year by all means, from political uprisings to natural disasters. This has created room for some aspects of society to grow, among them fashion. 

Fashion is the mirror that reflects the face of society; it mimics the highs and lows of people and like a chameleon, changes its color to blend in with its surrounding. The military jacket has made a victorious come back and appears in many fashion lines this season; an appearance that perhaps reflects the current military rule. In addition, designers are falling in love with the three colors of the flag. The revolution has left its mark on the fashion world adding new palettes and designers changing the face of Egyptian 'Mode' for good.   
Egypt Independent creates a modish list of the past year’s most captivating pieces in Egypt.
1. Amina K’s shades: Amina K’s new Jackie O sunglasses have also featured on many must-have lists. The young designer is the first sunglasses manufacturer in Egypt.
2. WeWood’s watches: A new attempt at an eco-friendly fad —watches made of wood that breathes the same air as you. It is completely free of toxins and plastic.

3. iPad covers: Covers with one magnetic side were among the biggest and most fashionable purchases of the year. They are protective yet funky and cool.

4. Toy watch: Next on the list of must-haves in 2011, florescent plastic watches have been decorating the wrists of young women for a while now. Recent versions incorporate diamond studs.

5. By Lisa’s flip-flops: By Lisa’s new collection of flip-flops and colorful peep toe jellies took the summer by storm.

6. By Lisa’s gold plated earrings: With dangly gemstones, they are an authentic, yet elegant and novel, piece of jewelry.

7. Amina K’s Omda bag: Available in black, brown, blue and burgundy, Khalil’s new creation combines Egyptian wool with leather, and had a long silver chain.

8. Moodz Dzign’s beaded fur scarf: A very wintery scarf combining elegance and funk. Rabbit fur with skull beading creates a pleasant contrast that many chose to wear this season.

9. Nihal Basha’s Pythonia bag: A burgundy snakeskin shoulder bag decorated with 50 piaster coins, a gold chain, and shoulder padding.

10. Fugoura’s military jacket: The military jacket made a comeback last winter and still remains visible on both international and local runways. Fugoura, an Egyptian fashion house founded by artist and actor Abbas Abul Hassan, launched a chic olive green swede version with metal buttons.

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