Yemenis outside Cairo embassy call for departure of Saleh

Hundreds of Yemenis staged demonstrations before their embassy in Cairo, ​​demanding the departure of President Ali Abdallah Saleh, and the expulsion of the Yemeni ambassador from Cairo.

A number of Egyptian youth joined them in solidarity.

The demonstrators marched to the Arab League building in Tahrir Square, calling on the league to intervene and stop the massacres against the defenseless people of Yemen.

Yemeni ruling party member and representative of the Yemeni community in Cairo, Ibrahim al-Jahmi, participated in the march and announced his resignation from office.

“I cannot stay in office while brave young Yemenis calling for peaceful change fall dead everyday from the brutality of the regime,” al-Jahmi said, appealing to his colleagues in the party to resign and join the demonstrators, who represent the true legitimacy of Yemen.

“There is no room for dialogue with the ruling party that kills the people,” he added. “The president and his party must go.”

The demonstrators issued a statement strongly condemning the practices of the Yemeni regime against its unarmed citizens, calling it repression, intimidation and murder, the latest example of which was the massacre that took place last Friday.

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