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Young police officer commits suicide in Monufiya

A 24-year-old Central Security Forces police officer, identified as Bassam G., committed suicide on Tuesday in Monufiya by shooting himself using his rifle, after suffering from intense psychological distress.
Bassam, who was ranked as a lieutenant, was found lying dead on his bed in Omm Saleh village, Monufiya, with a handwritten suicide note and a rifle by his side.
Investigations into his death revealed that Bassam’s mental health had deteriorated to a poor condition after the breakdown of a major romantic relationship.
His neighbors said that Bassam’s request to take his girlfriend’s hand in marriage had been rejected by his own family, leading to an altercation. Later, his mother found him dead in his room.
Legal measures were taken regarding the incident, and prosecutors took over investigation.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm