Yousri Fouda: Egypt suffers from depression, media biased

Presenter and journalist Yousri Fouda criticized the media and explained the Egyptian mindset in an interview Monday with TV channel Al-Magles.
Fouda denounced the Egyptian media, saying it is worse today than it had been under former President Hosni Mubarak. He added that the current regime has started to realize that the media cannot continue in this way.
Under Mubarak some opposition newspapers and figures existed, as opposed to now, largely due to US pressure on the Mubarak regime to allow space for opposition, Fouda said.
When asked about the Egyptians' state of mind, Fouda indicated people are coping poorly with current conditions.
"Following the downfall of the Muslim Brotherhood, Egyptian people are suffering from shock, depression and hysteria," Fouda said.
"Withdrawing power from the Muslim Brotherhood had a psychological effect on the group, as some of its members entered a state of denial and shock."
"I, myself, am depressed," Fouda added.
"We cannot hold people accountable for their political orientation or their dream to build an Islamic state," he mentioned.
Fouda added that he hopes the law will be correctly applied in Egypt, with regards to the justice system.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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