Youth movements pledge to support Morsy

A number of youth movements on Monday congratulated Mohamed Morsy on winning the presidency, asking him to achieve the goals of the revolution and fulfill his campaign promises.

Morsy was announced the winner of the runoff election by the Presidential Elections Committee on Sunday afternoon.

The April 6 Youth Movement said it will continue to press the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces to hand over power on 30 June. The group added that it rejects any powers held by the military junta, opposes the military’s powers to arrest civilians and objects to the dissolution of Parliament.

“For the first time in 7,000 years we have an elected civilian president,” said the movement’s founder Ahmed Maher. He added that the movement will help Morsy implement his “Renaissance” project, but would also watch the president so that he would not deviate from the right course.

“Morsy should form a coalition government and be president of all Egyptians,” Maher said, emphasizing public freedoms and equality for all, and warning of the potential to revolt against Morsy if he did not advocate for the rights of the martyrs.

Tamer al-Qady, spokesperson for the Union of Revolutionary Youth, said Morsy’s victory is a step towards completing the revolution which has been troubled over the past year and a half, often because of the Muslim Brotherhood itself.

The union’s coordinator general Mohamed Saeed on Monday said the new president has to build a modern and democratic state where all citizens are equal before the law.

On Thursday, Morsy pledged during a meeting with revolutionary activists that he would include youth representatives in his presidential administration and Cabinet. Morsy said in a statement following the meeting that the revolution will continue and he will not make any compromises to jeopardize it.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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