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Journalist / news reporter who worked previously for Daily News Egypt and The Cairo Post. Studied media and journalism at the Faculty of Mass Communication at Cairo University. His reporting focuses on the ongoing conflict in Sinai and Egyptian military strategy there, and he also covers other political stories and issues of rights and freedoms.

Deadlock in GERD talks: What is Egypt's future strategy, diplomacy or military strikes?

News of the failure to reach an agreement in the tripartite negotiations between Egypt, Ethiopia, and Sudan regarding the construction...

Taha Sakr tahasakr 7 hours ago

Head of Arish Central Security Forces survives assassination attempt

Head of Egypt’s Central Security Forces (CSF) in the North Sinai city of Al-Arish, Nasser Al-Husseini, and other police personnel...

Taha Sakr tahasakr 2 days ago

Wahat attackers inspired by al-Qaida: sole survivor

In an interview broadcasted on Thursday evening on privately-run TV channel Al-Hayah, the sole militant who survived the Egyptian army’s counter-insurgency...

Taha Sakr tahasakr 5 days ago

Sole surviving Wahat militant is Libyan national from Derna: Interior Ministry

The Interior Ministry said on Thursday that the sole militant who survived the Egyptian army’s counter-insurgency operation conducted against the...

Taha Sakr tahasakr 5 days ago

Video: Sole-surviving Wahat militant to publicly reveal information

The foreign sole-surviving militant of an air strike and military raids conducted in response to the El-Wahat El Baheria attack...

Taha Sakr tahasakr 5 days ago

Meet the Egyptian Motorcyclist Ali Abdo who broke Guinness World Record in Motocross

A new world record for the longest distance crossed on a motocross bike in one day was achieved by the...

Taha Sakr tahasakr 1 week ago

Al-Qaeda-affiliated group Jund al-Islām vows to eliminate IS in Sinai

A little-known militant group called Jund al-Islām, inspired by Al-Qaeda ideology, declared on Saturday that it carried out a military attack...

Taha Sakr tahasakr 1 week ago

Five truck drivers killed by suspected IS militants near Central Sinai

Five truck drivers were killed on Thursday after a number of militants opened fire against them while they were passing...

Taha Sakr tahasakr 2 weeks ago

Facebook honors young Egyptian engineer for unveiling security gaps

Social media platform Facebook has rewarded a young Egyptian engineer from Luxor for discovering loopholes in its  security system. Engineer Mohamed...

Taha Sakr tahasakr 2 weeks ago

Body of allegedly 'forcably disappeared' student found among Wahat incident militants

Photos of the Egyptian army’s aerial raids and ground operations against the militants who carried out the Wahat al-Bahariya attack on...

Taha Sakr tahasakr 2 weeks ago

How was kidnapped police officer Mohamed Al-Haies freed?

With news being circulated regarding the rescue of the missing police officer Mohamed al-Haies, who had been taken hostage for 11 days...

Taha Sakr tahasakr 3 weeks ago

Air force carries out strikes against El-Wahat militants: army spokesperson

Egypt’s air force on Monday carried out airstrikes on the hiding places of militants responsible for the El-Wahat El-Baheria attack...

Taha Sakr tahasakr 3 weeks ago

Egyptian Bedouin trackers: the irreplaceable guide for security forces

Controversy surfaced in Egypt’s social media sphere last week in the wake of clashes that lead to the death of...

Taha Sakr tahasakr 4 weeks ago

'Zombie-like' attacker in New Cairo thought to under influence of synthetic drug flakka

Last Friday night a young man believed to have been under the influence of synthetic drug flakka, attacked and bit...

Taha Sakr tahasakr 4 weeks ago