1000s flock to alleged Virgin Mary sightings

Thousands of Copts and Muslims spent Tuesday night in the streets waiting for the Virgin Mary to appear in the sky, after news spread about several sightings around Cairo.

ِA flashing light was seen in the Cairo sky, which caused some to believe it was a halo preceding the appearance of the Virgin Mary. Some 100,000 people went to the Virgin Mary Church in Zeitoun, while 50,000 more went to the Virgin Mary Church in Shubra. The faithful sung hymns as they waited for the holy apparition.

Bishop Yoanis, Pope Shenouda’s secretary, said the pope is meeting with eyewitnesses and will state his opinion about the incident in his next weekly sermon.

There were some injuries last night due to overcrowding before churches. Also, some women were reportedly harassed. Street hawkers rushed to sell popcorn and candy to the gathered crowds.

Some people said the incident was a sign that Pope Shenouda would die soon and the Holy See would be vacant. In 1968 Pope Kirolos died soon after the alleged sighting of the Virgin Mary.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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