Academic year for kindergarten to second grade will finish by end of April: Egypt’s Education Ministry

Egypt’s Ministry of Education announced Sunday said that the academic year for kindergarten stage to second grade – with the exception of the preparatory and secondary certificates – will finish by the end of April.

April exams will take place from April 26-28 according to the announced schedules, with the summer vacation to begin for the kindergarten stage to secondary grades after their end.

The academic year for students of the preparatory and secondary certificates will be completed according to the announced schedules, provided that their attendance to schools remains optional and that the ministry takes all precautionary measures for students of general certificates during the experimental and final exams.

International schools will complete their studies and exams according to their previously planned schedules. Attendance days will be limited to a maximum of three days with the other two days done online.

The ministry announced that students of the first and second preparatory stage will perform the April exams in the form of a single exam combining all subjects on April 26 for the second year and on April 28 for the first year.

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