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Amr Adeeb calls for responding to missiles hitting South Sinai

Egyptian journalist Amr Adeeb commented on the missile that hit Taba on Friday.

Adeeb wrote on the “X” platform: “Everywhere in the world, we respond to a missile with a missile… and your mistakes have become the same as our mistakes.”

He added: “Okay, until we know, I want, but with a lot of reason, to tell all the supporters of the idea that Egypt should not be dragged into war, which I support, that when you respond to the fire of an aggressor, this is not war, this is self-defense.”

“The existing phobia and the warning and advice are understandable, but guys, everywhere in the world, responding to a missile with a missile is clear in military dictionaries and is accepted internationally and humanitarianly. For the thousandth time, so that Mr-Know-it-all would not come up and tell me: Do you want us to fight? I say that is the last of my nightmares.”

He concluded: “What I’m talking about is showing rejection of any aggression, because this will not be the last of the mistakes. Do not be afraid of self-defense. There is a big difference between the two cases. I think that your mistakes have now become equal to our mistakes?”


Incident still under investigation

The military spokesperson for the Egyptian Armed Forces announced that an unidentified drone fell Friday morning near one of the buildings next to the Taba Hospital.

The accident resulted in minor injuries to six individuals, who were discharged from the hospital after receiving the necessary medical attention, he explained.

He explained that the incident is under investigation by a specialized committee from the relevant authorities.

The Israeli army announced that an aerial threat was recently detected in the Red Sea area, with fighter jets called to deal with it.

The Israeli army indicated that the matter remains under investigation, and added, “To our understanding, the strike that took place in Egypt originated in this threat.”

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