Assala Nasri apologizes to her Egyptian fans

The Syrian singer Assala Nasri apologized to her Egyptian fanbase for her speech at her last concert in the Riyadh Season, where she said that the credit for her entire history is due to Saudi Arabia.

The comment outraged her Egyptian fans, who felt she had thrown them aside.

During a phone-in with TV host Amr Adib on his show “al-Hekaya”, the singer said “Egypt’s place in my heart is not up to discussion, and there is no doubt about my love for Egypt… At the party, I felt a great deal, and it was one of the most beautiful concerts on the artistic level. I am emotional and love expression in words and actions.”

“My country is Egypt, my children are Egyptians, and my relationship with Egypt should not be the subject for discussion, and every Egyptian has a dearth in my heart.”

Assala had previously expressed her happiness at performing a concert a few days ago as part of the Riyadh Season concerts, and wrote a post on her official page, in which she thanked her friends, family, the orchestra, the Saudi Arabia Entertainment Authority and other people,

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