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Authorities arrest man attempting to smuggle 1,118 Egyptian artifacts

The Interior Ministry arrested an employee suspected of possessing 1,118 pieces of antiquities in his residence in Assiut Governorate, Upper Egypt, for the purpose of trafficking.

The suspect was referred to the prosecution, which took over the investigation.

In a statement on Saturday, the ministry explained that investigations by Public Security and the Tourism and Antiquities Police confirmed the suspect’s guilt.

Upon taking the necessary legal procedures in coordination with the Assiut Investigation Department, the suspect was arrested in his residence – where he was found in possession of the artifacts.

Amongst the smuggled artifacts include a model of a coffin with a mummy inside, two wooden coffins with mummies inside and bearing Pharaonic inscriptions, a coffin with two unfinished alabaster parts, and two wooden statues with inscriptions.

The seized items also included stone paintings, papyrus scrolls, scarabs, necklaces of various sizes and shapes, statues and parts of various incomplete statues dating back to ancient times, stone and wooden pieces, pieces of decoration, faience, pottery, and household tools.

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