Documentary to show abuse of special needs children in Jordan

A documentary set to broadcast Monday purportedly will show violence against children with special needs at a special care home in Jordan.

The documentary, “Behind the Walls of Silence” will be shown on BBC Arabic beginning at 19:06 GMT.

The channel began to produce the documentary when Jordanian journalist Hanan Khandakji reported complaints by parents of students in the special care homes. Khandakji spent a full year checking on the complaints before BBC Arabic decided to send a team of volunteer journalists to investigate the matter.

A hidden camera documented the ill-treatment of these children, whom the documentary says the Jordanian government failed to protect.

Jordan has 54 special care homes that contain thousands of children with special needs. The homes guarantee good care and professional treatment to the children’s families. But parents and former employees told BBC stories about abuse and neglect in the homes, some of which are in the capital of Amman.

The film shows an angry boy being forcibly pulled into a classroom, a girl being pulled by her hair, and a blind girl left unattended in her bed except for when meals are served.

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