Cabinet reshuffle: What’s next?

With month-old debates about a possible cabinet reshuffle now over, talk will shift to the performance of the new ministers, with eyes set on the officials’ first steps towards resolving the problems that have piled up, some of which date back a long way, vexing consecutive governments.

Success in resolving those problems depends upon many things, most importantly the ability to face up to them by making use of the available talent, rather than excluding people on the basis of their position on a different part of the political spectrum. I hope that political considerations can be set aside when it comes to selecting people of the right caliber, and that help is sought from experts in different fields who are able to deal with Egypt’s problems.

There are two keys to success for this government. The first is to urgently determine the priorities for the Egyptian people, and that must be done using a proper scientific approach, rather than relying on the personal assessments of officials and observers. Second is to use the right rhetoric in communicating with the masses.

At this point, a question needs to be asked: Does the government, at all levels, apply scientific, study-based methods to determine its priorities? Does the government learn from the experiences of those who have faced similar problems? Also, does the government apply well-researched methods in setting its strategy for communication with the public?

I can independently answer these questions by saying that it does not happen in this way, and if it does, it procedes in a disorganized, unsustainable manner.

So, creating a state of harmony among various ministries, and following a proper scientific approach in setting priorities are, indeed, the right paths to success.

When Prime Minister Sherif Ismail took over six months ago, I wrote an article in which I described him as the most serious, determined minister who is willing to do whatever it takes to resolve the problems we are facing.

What we need from the government, after the reshuffle, is a mixture of perseverance in the face of all kinds of problems, making use of all human expertise to achieve the success we are aspiring to.

Edited translation from Al-Masry al-Youm

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