Cairo Airport receives 157 Palestinians as Rafah Crossing remains open

Cairo International Airport received 157 Palestinians coming from and heading to Gaza Strip through the Rafah land crossing on Wednesday, which Egypt opened on Monday.
Official sources at the airport said 63 Palestinians arrived from Gaza to fly abroad via the airport, while 94 others came from abroad on their way to the Palestinian strip.
Official sources told Al-Masry Al-Youm Saturday that the crossing would remain open for four days.
Cairo has tightened its grip on the border with the blockaded Gaza Strip since 2013, following the ouster of former president Mohamed Morsi.
The Rafah Crossing is the only point of exit to the outside world that is not under Israeli control for Gaza's roughly 1.9 million people.
The crossing has been a sensitive issue for the Egyptian government, which attributes closures to security concerns amid surging attacks against its security forces in North Sinai. Palestinian faction Hamas, which has run Gaza since 2007, has repeatedly pleaded with, and sometimes lambasted, Egyptian authorities to open the crossing indefinitely.
Edited translation from DPA

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