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Children’s corner: Christmas crafts

Children love to work with their hands, making art and wearing their creations. This Christmas, put together some wearable Christmas-time crafts with your children and turn a fun holiday into a chance to get creative. 

Reindeer crown

With two pieces of A4 paper, help your child make a reindeer crown in just a few simple steps. Cut a page-length strip to make the headband and staple the ends together based on the size of your child’s head. Then have your child trace their hand twice on the paper and color or design the “antlers” in any way they like. Have your child cut out the hands, or do it yourself it they're unable, and staple them to the paper ring. You now have a reindeer crown!

Christmas tree ornaments

Paper ornaments can be made easily with paper, ribbon, scissors and, if possible, a hole-puncher. Cut out shapes such as circles, stars and bells, and design or color them with markers and crayons. Punch a hole and tie little ribbons to the top of each to hang the ornaments on the Christmas tree. You can even stick family pictures on rounded or square ornaments to make mini-picture frames. 

Paper snowflakes

Practice making and duplicating designs by folding up a piece of square paper and cutting off the corners or cutting triangles or circles in the middle. When you unfold, you'll find differently shaped “snowflakes” ― use them to make ornaments or paste them onto larger pieces of colored paper to make winter scenes. Although this craft tends to make a mess of paper discards, you can always turn them into snow by gluing them onto a large piece of paper or leaving them at the bottom of your Christmas tree.

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