Corpse of Egyptian killed in Germany arrives in Cairo

The corpse of Riyadh Ali Riyadh, an Egyptian man who was murdered by his German wife earlier this week, will arrive in Cairo at 3:30 p.m, according to the Egyptian consulate in Hamburg.

Ambassador Hala el-Ghannam said that the consulate did its best to hasten the procedures of deporting Riyadh’s body, though the first plan was to arrange for the funeral prayer at al-Nour mosque in Hamburg and then transport the coffin to Egypt.

El-Ghannam noted that German authorities offered all the assistance needed to speed up the process out of respect for the Islamic teachings of hastening with the burial of the dead. She added that the civil registry office in Hamburg opened on its day off to finish the procedures.

The consul noted that the corpse had been washed, wrapped up in the coffin, and then transported to Frankfurt, where direct flights to Cairo are available. It was scheduled depart at 10:30 a.m on a Lufthansa flight number (LH582).

El-Ghannam offered condolences to the Riyadh family, whom she claimed to be informing of the developments. She stressed that Egypt’s foreign minister, Ahmed Abu el-Gheit, is giving special attention to the issue, adding that the consulate helped Riyadh’s friends give their testimonies, and is currently awaiting the forensic examiners’ report before resuming the investigations.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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