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Court sets 2 December to issue ruling in Constituent Assembly dissolution

The Supreme Constitutional Court set 2 December to issue a ruling on the dissolution of the Constituent Assembly

tasked with drafting a new constitution.

Two lawsuits filed against the assembly demanded annulling the law issued on 12 July by the dissolved People's Assembly laying out criteria for the selection of the current Constituent Assembly members.
Deputy head of the Supreme Constitutional Court Maher Samy told MENA that two lawsuits filed against the assembly demand its dissolution for being based on a law issued by the dissolved People's Assembly. 
Both lawsuits, according to Samy, contend that the Constituent Assembly constitutes an obstacle to the implementation of the ruling of the Supreme Constitutional Court issued in June annulling the parliamentary elections law and dissolving the People's Assembly.
A judicial source told state-run Al-Ahram newspaper that the two claims were referred to the commissioners of the Supreme Constitutional Court.
The source noted that the court might issue a ruling dissolving the Constituent Assembly before the completion of the new constitution.
The Constituent Assembly is expected to issue a final draft constitution before the end of November, and put it to referendum in December. The Supreme Administrative Court last month referred the two claims demanding the dissolution of the assembly, for the second time, to the Supreme Constitutional Court.