Detainee claims badly beaten, molested by Alexandria police

A detainee held in custody over narcotic use in Alexandria has claimed he had been subject to torture by police officers at the Amreya police station, local media reports.
Veto Gate news website said Mohamed Abdel Qader, who was preparing for transfer to Borg al-Arab prison, pending investigation, accused two officers at the station of brutally molesting him along with other inmates.
The inmates were forced to strip naked with their arms cuffed from behind before they were beaten brutally, Abdel Qader said, adding that the torture caused one of his testicles to explode.
He said he was taken to hospital and had filed a complaint against the police station’s management.
Though many say police torture was the primary driving force behind the 2011 uprising against deposed president Hosni Mubarak, several cases have still been reported since.
Under Mubarak, torture at security facilities was systematic, claiming 167 deaths in 16 years, according to the Egyptian Organization for Human Rights.
Flogging, punching and electrification are the common means of torture, according to Egypt-based Forum for Development and Human Rights Dialogue.
Local and international rights advocacy groups have pressed Egyptian authorities to toughen penalties for police torture.

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