Egypt diplomatic delegation in Istanbul for meeting on Libya

An Egyptian diplomatic delegation traveled to Istanbul Thursday for a contact group meeting on the unrest in Libya.

Turkey is currently leading the contact group, which was formed in London on March 29 by 30 countries and international organizations that oppose leader Muammar Qadhafi's continued efforts to crush the uprising there.

Ambassador Ayman Mesharafa, the Egyptian foreign minister’s deputy assistant for North African affairs, is leading the Egyptian delegation.

Before leaving, Mesharafa said Egypt would declare its support for the Libyan rebel National Transitional Council (NTC). Egypt has already recognized the council as the representative of the Libyan people, approved of the NTC taking control of the Libyan Embassy in Cairo, and recognized the country's new Arab League delegation.

Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmed Davutoglu called Tuesday to freeze Qadhafi's international assets, so that they could be distributed to the Libyan people.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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