Egypt Independent

Egypt to open coronavirus vaccine registration for seniors, at-risk individuals

Official sources at the Egyptian Ministry of Health and Population said on Friday that the elderly and people with underlying health conditions and chronic diseases will be able to register for the coronavirus vaccine this week.

Registration will open on a secure website as soon as the vaccination of medical teams in all hospitals is completed, the sources said.

Egypt received new shipments of the vaccine last week, the sources stated, and this will likely accelerate the vaccination of these priority groups.

The sources indicated that all imported vaccines will be certified by the Egyptian Drug Authority as safe before they are used, giving no preference to one vaccine in particular.

On a similar note, head of the Ministry of Health’s Scientific Committee to Combat Coronavirus Hossam Hosny assured the public that there is no reason to fear the Sinopharm vaccine, as it is considered safe and has an 86 percent efficacy rate.

Vaccinations are still underway in chest and fever hospitals for medical teams nationwide, after the ministry completed vaccinations for workers in 22 isolation hospitals in 22 hospitals.

Egypt vaccination campaign launched on January 24.

The country is primarily using China’s Sinopharm vaccine, but will expand to using the UK’s AstraZeneca soon. It will also receive doses of Russia’s Sputnik-V, which has a reported 92 percent efficacy rate.

The ministry’s website will soon be up and running for those who want a vaccine to register.