Egypt turnout 21.7% in first round run-off: officials

The first round run-off in Egypt's parliamentary election produced a turnout of 21.7 percent, officials announced Friday, reflecting disinterest in a vote held in the absence of any opposition.

The tally for the run-off held on Tuesday and Wednesday, announced by the electoral commission, was even lower than the 26.6 percent for the first round ballot contested on October 18-19 in half of Egypt's provinces.

Almost half of the parliament's 596 seats were up for grabs in first round held in 14 provinces, including Cairo's twin city of Giza and the port city of Alexandria.
The High Elections Committee said Friday that the "For the Love of Egypt" pro-government candidates won all 60 seats designated for lists.
Voting in the remaining 13 provinces will be held next month. Parliament is to hold its inaugural session in December.

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