Egyptian FM: Egypt to lead pan-Arab stance on Palestinian issue

Egyptian diplomacy will work on bolstering the Palestinian position in the peace process and supporting the Egyptian economy, said Foreign Minister Mohamed al-Orabi on Monday.

In press statements, Orabi said that the new strategy requires the formulation of a unified Arab stance on the Palestinian issue.

He added that the role of the Egyptian Foreign Ministry after the 25 January uprising should measure up to the historical, pioneering role of Egypt in the region. There is also a need for serious work to address Egyptian national security issues, he said.

The current political conditions call for the use of different tools to support the Egyptian economy, he added, saying that Egypt's "soft power," represented in Egypt’s cultural, historical and touristic heritage, is of great significance in this regard.

He also said that his ministry plans increased coordination with the culture, tourism and antiquities ministries.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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