Egyptian-led committee to beef up Palestinian security next week

Palestinian sources said that a security committee headed by Mohammed Ibrahim from the Egyptian intelligence services will arrive in Gaza next week to oversee a restructuring of security agencies agreed to during the Palestinian reconciliation negotiations. 

Palestinian news agency Sama reported on Thursday that unnamed sources said the committee would include security experts from Arab countries.

The committee will help build and restructure Palestinian security agencies on a nationalist, rather than partisan, basis after factions Hamas and Fatah agreed to repair ties.

The reconciliation deal signed on Wednesday is the culmination of years of negotiations between Fatah and Hamas, in which Egypt has played an important mediating role.

The sources added that the committee will first oversee the restructuring of the Palestinian police in Gaza and the West Bank, followed by other security agencies.

The leaders of Palestinian factions agreed that the reconciliation accord is in the interest of the Palestinian people and ends four years of strife.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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