Funeral for Egyptian killed in Saudi Arabia

Hundreds of Egyptians have attended the funeral of an Egyptian driver who died in a police station in Saudi Arabia following a clash with a Saudi citizen.

The body of Ahmed Saber was buried in the Saudi Arabian village of el-Qarayat, under the supervision of an Egyptian community leader, a number of the driver’s Egyptian friends and a representative of the Egyptian consulate.

Fawzi el-Ashmawi, Egypt’s consul general in Riyadh, told Al-Masry Al-Youm that criminal investigations are still taking place and that the results will be sent to the court once police and forensic reports are completed.

“There’s communication with the Saudi transport company where Saber worked in order to collect his dues and send them to his family,” el-Ashmawi added.

He also affimed that the consulate has contacted the Saudi Foreign Ministry, the prince of this region and el-Qarayat’s governor, demanding a copy of the police and forensic reports, which are set to be issued in a month.

For her part, Khadeega Mohamed Khaleel, the driver’s widow, has asked foreign ministry officials to let her travel to Saudi Arabia at her own expense to visit her husband’s grave.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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