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‘Gifts and a Story’ archaeological exhibition held at Coptic Museum to celebrate Christmas

Under the title “Gifts and a Story,” the Coptic Museum celebrated New Year’s Eve and Christmas with the opening of a temporary archaeological exhibition.

This exhibition aims to shed light on the custom of  gift giving and the celebration of newborns.

The exhibition includes 12 distinctive artifacts and is scheduled to continue for a month, Jihan Atef, Director General of the Coptic Museum, said.

The most prominent pieces exhibited include a manuscript in Arabic representing the birth of Christ and the visit of the Magi to him, a bronze cross on which scenes from the life of Christ were painted.

Paintings such as the Annunciation and the Nativity, a gold pendant on which with the angel’s annunciation to the Virgin Mary of the birth of the Christ: an icon depicting Christ wearing the episcopal robe as a high priest, and another of St. Nicholas better known as Santa Claus.

On the sidelines of the exhibition, the scientific department of the museum organized a lecture entitled “Incense (the wisdom of the ancients): Evaluating the efficiency of incense as a resistor and treatment of air microbes”.

The lecture is given by Dalia Nabawi, head of the restoration department at Egypt’s Capitals Museum.

A workshop is oriented around the making of incense using aromatic plants grown in the museum’s garden.

This was mainly organized as an artistic workshops for children.

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