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Giza Governor bans transport and storage of sacrificial animal hides without veterinary approval

Major General Ahmed Rashid, Governor of Giza, has issued a decree banning the transport and storage of hides and skins from sacrificial animals without obtaining a permit from the competent veterinary authorities. The permit fee is set at EGP 1,000 per permit.

Violators will be subject to a fine of EGP 5,000, and their means of transport will be seized and held at the nearest police station until the fine is paid. The hides and skins, as well as any slaughtering waste,will also be confiscated by the relevant subcommittees.

The governor affirmed that all legal measures will be taken against any violations of the transport regulations without a permit from the Giza Veterinary Directorate. He stressed that there are field follow-up committees in the districts, centers, and cities to detect any violations immediately.

The Governor of Giza has also announced the formation of a central committee to oversee the transport and trade of sacrificial animal hides within the governorate.

The committee will include representatives from the veterinary, health, social affairs, youth and sports, environmental affairs departments, and the regional union of associations.

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