Grain ships still leaving Ukrainian ports despite Russian objections

The Joint Coordination Center for the “grain corridor” in the Black Sea said three more ships have left Ukrainian ports Tuesday, despite Russia’s decision to suspend its participation in the arrangement over the weekend.



The United Nations Secretariat at the JCC in Istanbul said the “movement of these vessels has been agreed by the Ukrainian, Turkish and UN delegations to the JCC. The Russian delegation to the JCC has been informed.”



Two vessels had left the Black Sea port of Chornomorsk and one had departed Yuzhny, with cargos for Germany, Libya and Morocco, it said.



Collectively, the three ships are carrying 84,490 tons of grain and food products.



“As of today, the total tonnage of grains and foodstuffs moved from Ukrainian ports under the Black Sea Grain Initiative is 9,729,083 metric tons,” the UN said.


It also noted that UN and Turkish inspectors had started inspection work on board outbound vessels traveling via Turkey to foreign markets. On Monday, 46 inspections on board outbound vessels were completed by UN and Turkish inspectors, it said.



Fourteen vessels used the corridor Monday.

The UN is continuing discussions with Russian officials in an effort to revive full participation in the initiative.

“The UN Coordinator for the Black Sea Grain Initiative Amir Abdulla continues his discussions with all three member state parties in an effort to resume full participation at the Joint Coordination Centre (JCC) following the suspension of the participation of the Russian Federation delegation,” the UN Secretariat said.

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