Interior Ministry: We respect rights, liberties

Some media outlets have inaccurately quoted statements made by the Ministry of Interior during a meeting at parliament on Sunday which discussed how the protests of 6 April were handled, said a security source. The source stressed, in a ministry statement yesterday, that the ministry respects human rights and liberties stipulated in the Egyptian Constitution.

The source also noted that, according to law, it is imperative that concerned authorities be notified prior to the staging of a demonstration. In cases where permission to demonstrate is denied, an applicant can appeal to the courts. Those who breach the rules however will be penalized under the law.

The source said that during the 6 April protests police action was restrained and they avoided violence against protesters, despite the fact that protesters had not received security permission for the gathering and attacked some security forces. Legal proceedings against the violators have begun, with cases being referred to the general prosecution, he revealed.

The source went on to note that, according to statements made by the ministry’s representative during discussions at the People’s Assembly, police officers are authorized by the law to use force to disperse protests, and can use as much force as needed to fulfil their duty if doing so is the only alternative. Shooting live ammunition is permitted only for separating protesters in situations where public safety is endangered.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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