Iran ready to restore diplomatic relations with Egypt, FM says

Iran's foreign minister Ali Akbar Salehy on Monday said that his country was eager to exchange ambassadors with Egypt.

Salehy was quoted by the website of Tehran Times as saying, “Iran has always expressed its interest in upgrading political relations between Tehran and Cairo to the level of ambassador, and, whenever the Egyptian side is ready, the Islamic Republic of Iran is ready to enhance ties between the two countries.” 

Many officials and religious figures in Iran have hailed President Mohamed Morsy's victory in Egypt's first free presidential election. Some of them called his victory part of the “Islamic Awakening” in the Middle East.

“The current relations between Cairo and Tehran are positive and are advancing in all dimensions,” Salehy said.

Salehy added that Morsy’s election has opened a new chapter in Egypt's foreign policy.

Diplomatic relations between Egypt and Iran were severed more than 30 years ago, but since Hosni Mubarak was toppled in popular uprising last year, both Cairo and Tehran have signaled interest in renewing ties.

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