Israel, US warn their citizens not to travel to Egypt

Israel warned its citizens Saturday not to travel to Egypt ahead of protests on 30 June, called for by the opposition to demand for early presidential elections.
In a statement on Saturday, the Foreign Ministry called on citizens abroad, especially tourists, not to go to Egypt due to protests that are sweeping Cairo as well as other governorates. The statement published by Israeli media recommended that Egyptian-based Israelis consider leaving Egypt.
The ministry also called on citizens staying in Egypt to follow instructions given by the Egyptian authorities and stay away from protests staged in city squares.
Israeli security sources warned against the dangerous situation in Egypt and its potential impact on Israeli security, as Jihadists may attempt to take advantage of a security failure to conduct violent operations.
Meanwhile, the US State Department has discouraged travel to Egypt and allowed a number of diplomats to leave the country due to the turmoil instigated by the protests.
In a statement, the department warned against any unnecessary trips to Egypt due to potential political and social turbulence.

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