Justice Minister agrees with judicial reservations, but trusts president

Justice Minister Ahmed Mekki has said he agrees with the reservations of the judiciary over President Mohamed Morsy’s constitutional declaration, but added that he trusts the president’s intentions.

In an interview on the sidelines of signing a cooperation protocol between the Justice Ministry and an international funding institution, Mekki said he plays the role of mediator between the executive and judicial authorities. He also said he would not criticize either the judges’ or the president’s decisions.

“Let me play the mediation role. If you want me to quit, this would comfort me. Taking responsibility at such a critical time, is a kind of torment,” he added. 

Mekki also said that the president’s recent decisions aim to complete the establishment of state institutions, claiming that this would in turn achieve freedom and democracy. Additionally, he alleged that some of the critics of the president’s decision sought to create division in society.

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