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Lawyer files lawsuit to halt WhatsApp in Egypt following controversial update

Following a recent WhatsApp update that has raised privacy and security concerns, an Egyptian lawyer proposed to file a lawsuit before the Administrative Court of the State Council against the Minister of Communications and Information Technology and the head of the National Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (NTRA) to halt the application’s use in Egypt.

Egyptian lawyer Walid al-Fouly warned that the latest update to the WhatsApp application carries serious security risks.

He explained that the latest update allows users to listen to audio messages that disappear from chat history without the possibility of verifying them again, potentially leading to the spread of harmful conversations and crimes without knowing the responsible party.

The lawyer explained that this dangerous matter could threaten a large segment of Egyptian society and allow for crimes without accountability.

Fouly said that the Egyptian authorities must intervene to stop this service or legislate a new law to push back on it.

This update must be stopped to preserve the security of individuals and society and to ensure that crimes do not spread without control, he warned.

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