Minister: Egypt is a ‘secular state with a religious reference’

Egypt is a "secular state with a religious reference" that does not accept the mixing of religion with politics, said Egypt's minister of religious endowments on Tuesday.

Minister Abdallah al-Husseini made the comment during a meeting with a senior Russian foreign affairs official. He went on to say that his ministry is ready to cooperate with educational institutions in Russia, especially Islamic ones, to correct the image of Islam and raise awareness about its values.

Husseini said Egypt has conveyed a moderate image of Islam and has welcomed people from different cultures. The country believes in communication between civilizations rather than clashes between them, he said.

He said Egypt is open to the entire world and ready to make use of the achievements of other civilizations, provided they do not clash with religious and ethical principles or erase Egypt's religious and cultural identity.

Husseini said he rejects any aspect of globalization that ignores the specific conditions in each country and seeks to impose one culture on everyone.

At the meeting, the minister also announced the removal of six ministry advisers.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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