Minister: Israeli plane behind death of Egyptians in Sinai

Egypt's cabinet will hold an emergency meeting to discuss the security situation in Sinai following incidents that led to the deaths of five Egyptian security personnel, said Minister of Interior Mansour al-Essawy.

The meeting will examine possible action to protect Egypt's borders.
Essawy told Al-Masry Al-Youm that an Israeli airplane was behind the deaths and added that investigations are ongoing. Essawy said he will submit the results of the security campaigns in Arish, as well as the security plan for other areas, to the cabinet.
In coordination with the armed forces, the police have continued to comb the borders following the events at the 79 sign – where the Egyptian security men were found dead – and the bodies of three Bedouins were found near the sign.
According to the security report prepared by the North Sinai security chief, one body was charred and another torn apart. The remains of an explosive belt were found next to the third corpse. Security bodies are currently investigating the identities of the three.
Essawy said he receives a security report every hour about the situation in Sinai. He added that a military funeral will be held for Ahmed Galal Abdel Qader, one of the soldiers who was killed.
Assistant Minister of Interior for Public Security Affairs Ahmed Gamal al-Din said both the Egyptian and Israeli sides are investigating the incidents that took place near the 79 border sign. According to available information, both the Egyptian and Israeli sides exchanged fire and that while some people were trying to escape their accomplices fired from Egyptian territory in an attempt to help them flee.
Gamal al-Din said the security campaign in Sinai will continue for a long time and security personnel have spread out all over Sinai. The goal is to restore security and stability in the region.
Translated from the Arabic Edition

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