Morsy announces Cabinet reshuffle, calls for national dialogue

President Mohamed Morsy spoke on Wednesday, saying he is planning for a Cabinet reshuffle of the government of Prime Minister Hesham Qandil, who took office in August.

Morsy said, in a televised speech on the occasion of the adoption of the country's new Constitution, "I asked Qandil and consulted with him to make appropriate ministerial reshuffles suitable for [this] stage to face all problems, large and small problems."

Morsy praised the country's new Constitution “chosen by the Egyptian people.”

He also renewed his call on all political and national forces to participate in the national dialogue, held by the president’s office, to discuss all controversial issues related to the Constitution.

“Dialogue has become a necessity. I renew the call to all parties and political forces to participate in the national dialogue, which I personally sponsor, to complete the road map for this stage," he said.

“Ahead of us are days of work, effort, diligence and production from everyone.”

Addressing economic issues, Morsy pledged, “I will do my best to boost the economy, which is facing huge challenges. I will make the necessary changes and decisions for the triumph of Egypt and its overall development.”

The new Constitution is "a free Constitution, not granted by a king, imposed by a president, or forced by a colonial power,” he said, reiterating that “it was chosen by the people of Egypt to give to themselves.”

Morsy added that legislative power has moved to the Shura Council, until the completion of parliamentary elections when the lower house of parliament will adopt these powers.

He also said the constitutional referendum was held in full transparency and under full judicial supervision by both the media and civil society organizations.

He praised the high turnout of citizens, and the role of the army and police in protecting the process. “I thank all those who participated in this great national endeavor,” he said.

“The Constitution was approved by an almost two thirds majority, but a respectable segment of the people chose to say no,” he said. “I thank both those who said yes and who said no.”

“We do not want to go back to the era of a single dominant opinion,” he said. “The referendum result shows a true cultural and democratic maturity.”

“There have been mistakes in the past period that I take responsibility for,” he said. “I have had to take many tough decisions, but now a new dawn shines and the goals of the people will be achieved.”

“I do not seek power, for power is with the people,” he added. “What I hope for now is renaissance.”

At the end of his speech, Morsy renewed the presidential oath.

“As we begin this stage of transition from the First Republic to the Second Republic, the basis of which we lay in this strong Constitution that you chose, I hereby renew my oath before you that I will respect the law and the Constitution, safeguard the interests of the people fully, and preserve the nation and its territorial sovereignty,” he said.

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