Muslim killed, Copt injured, three houses burned in Luxor

A Muslim man was killed, a Coptic man was injured, and three houses were burned early Friday as sectarian clashes erupted in Naga Hassan, near al-Dabe’iy, west of Luxor.
Luxor security chief Major General Khaled Mamdouh has been notified of Hassan Sayyed Sedqy's death and Magdy Iskandar Farid's injury.  The latter was transferred to Luxor International Hospital in critical condition. The fight erupted between Sedqy, a Muslim, and three Copts.  The Copts killed Sedqy and ran away.
Muslim youth in the village then attacked Farid and burned three houses belonging to Copts.
Residents said that the incident was sparked by a conflict between Sedqy and his Coptic friends, and that it did not have any religious or political dimension.
Security troops were deployed to the area. Firefighters and civil protection forces were also present, fearing a relapse of violence.


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