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Photos: Egypt releases rare documents on October 6, 1973 war

The Egyptian Ministry of Defense website has published official documents regarding the October 6, 1973 war, which showcase the strategic military planning and management undertaken until the ceasefire.

The documents included discussions on how to eliminate the Defersoir Gap, represented in the Shamel Plan and Shamel Revised Plan, the disengagement and withdrawal of Israeli forces, and the handwritten memoranda of several commanders.

Preparations for the war included the military political direction of the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, the decisions of the Commander-in-Chief, the preparation of operational plans and supplementary plans, the organization of strategic cooperation, supervisions and review, and testing the plans to confirm the ability of the armed forces to carry them out.

Several of the documents also discussed the military media and confirmed that it played a key role in the planning for the October 1973 War.


The website quoted a speech from former Egyptian President Anwar al-Sadat, saying: “I should not be exaggerating if I were to say that military history will pause for long to examine and study the operation carried out on October 6, 1973 when the Egyptian Armed Forces managed to cross the difficult barrier that the Suez Canal poses, when they stormed the strong Bar-Lev fortifications line and set up bridgeheads on the eastern bank of the Canal after unbalancing the enemy, as I have said, in six hours.”


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