A poem for the holiday: Eid Morning by Fouad Haddad

In honor of the Eid al-Fitr, Al-Masry Al-Youm presents the poem Eid Morning by the late Egyptian poet Fouad Haddad, translated, from the Arabic, by Aisha El-Awady. 

Eid Morning

by Fouad Haddad

The days come round again my loved ones

May all your years be good ones

The new oranges and tangerines

Are red on Eid mornings

Yafawi oranges will soon appear

We await their appearance year after year

No matter how far or wide they roam

On Eid our loved ones will come back home

On this day in everything fun we will dabble

Both East and West on Eid we shall travel

I am the Musaharati, I beat my drum

From near and far you’ll see me come

From the start of the month I begin my reign

No matter how long the nights I do not complain

And for all my troubles much benevolence I gain

Oh, Eid cookies I am your grateful taker

Please send my regards to your baker

Tell the cookie sheets to salute my drum

If you make more cookies I will certainly come

Love for this country runs through my blood

My love for this country is like a flood

In Ramadan, sohour is the best time of day

To stand under its drizzle I would gladly pay

The early morning sun shines bright on my face

My dimples so deep, its warmth I embrace

Being a Musaharati is my destiny and fate

My drum is my band and we are never late

Changing direction like a pigeon I never tire

I wander the streets and have no wish to retire

I am the sohour awakener and will never stop drumming

I will roam the streets and never stop coming

Long live Arab socialism, may it be our fate

Peace and freedom for non-aligned states

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