Poll: 85% of Egyptian support airstrikes on IS in Libya

Egypt’s military airstrikes on the Islamic State locations in Libya enjoys the support of 85 percent of Egyptians, an opinion poll has revealed as Egypt eyes further retaliatory attacks in response to the group’s execution of 21 Egyptians last week.
Out of 1,214 respondents polled by the Egyptian Center for Public Opinion Research (Baseera), 76 percent support extra strikes against the extremist group, while 11 percent reject the potential move.
Only 8 percent were against military action in the first place, according to the survey conducted hours after the strikes were declared by Egypt’s Armed Forces.
Asked about the sufficiency of information provided by the military leadership about the results of the strikes, 43 percent said they were enough, with 31 percent disagreeing.
While 30 percent of respondents believed IS would ratchet up its assaults on Egyptians following the military action, 38 percent said they military strikes would cause the group’s aggressions to recede.

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