Poll: Only half of Egyptians deem state’s anti-terrorism measures successful

Only a half of Egyptians believe the government is faring well in its battle against extremist groups that had led a bloody campaign against security, with 29 percent believing the strategy to be unfeasible, according to an opinion poll.
The Egyptian Center for Public Opinion Research, known as Baseera, in a survey of 1,024 citizens conducted via phone said that 33 percent of respondents believe religious extremism was behind terrorist incidents that took place in Egypt in recent months, including the attacks that were launched in Sinai in late January.
Those are compared to 35 percent who blamed political motivations for the assaults, according to the survey.
Twenty-six percent of respondents could not determine a clear reason behind the surging aggressions, with 6 percent citing other different reasons.
“Asked about the identity of those responsible for the attacks in Sinai in late January, 48 percent of respondents said they don't know, 24 percent blamed the Muslim Brotherhood, 9 percent blamed terrorist groups inside Egypt, 18 percent blamed terrorist groups outside Egypt, and 12 percent said that other countries were responsible for the attacks,” Baseera said.
“Of those who blamed other countries: about one-half blamed Qatar; one-third blamed the United States, Israel and Turkey; and 4 percent blamed Hamas,” the report added.

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