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Postcard from Rome: Trevi Fountain

Speechless is the best word to describe how I felt the moment I laid my eyes on Trevi Fountain.

The fountain square is always packed with tourists who come from around the world to see the architectural masterpiece and toss a coin, hoping their wishes will come true. Legend says that tossing a coin into the fountain will guarantee a return to Italy one day. Though no one is sure of the legend's credibility, the following steps must be followed to ensure the wish’s fulfillment: turn your back to the fountain, then throw a coin with your right hand over your left shoulder.       

The fountain forms the fa├žade of Poli Palace and was originally designed by the architect Bernini in 1629. However, the project was halted due to the death of the pope, and only resumed construction under the architect Nicola Salvi. The statue of Neptune, the Roman god of the sea, rides a carriage shaped like a shell.

The monument is surrounded by two seahorses drawing the carriage with the guidance of tritons. The seahorses refer to two different sides of the sea: calm, and rebellious. While a statue on the right side of the Neptune niche personifies salubrity, a statue standing on the left side embodies abundance. Bas-reliefs explaining the origin of the fountain’s aqueducts decorate the arches.

If you have enough time to pay a second visit at night, do not miss the chance to enjoy a magical view of the beautifully illuminated fountain.

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